Master Franchise

Are you looking for the right opportunity?

Are you in a dead-end job or perhaps looking for a new challenge? Have you always wanted to own your own business? Do you want to be your own boss?

Are you ready to control your destiny?

Don't want to be in retail? If you've asked yourself these types of quesitons, you have come to the right place! We're searching for self-motivated, business minded individual who want to make $200,000, $400,000, $500,000 or more per year (or more) as Master Franchise owners in a rapidly growing commercial cleaning industry.

Pro Clean Van
The Industry's Best Training Program

As a new franchise owner, you'll participate in our initial orientation and training program, designed to show you the best, most efficient and profitable way to clean buildings. This training program is typically held in the evenings, over a two-week period, at the Pro Clean USA regional office. Training topics include:

  • Proper procedures, methods and techniques of professional cleaning
  • Cleaning products and equipment
  • Carpet cleaning and maintenance of hard surface floors
  • Basic business management
  • Basic accounting practices and record-keeping
  • Hiring, training and managing employees
  • Developing and managing a work schedule
  • Principles of world-class customer service

At the end of this training, you'll be given your first account. We'll work with you on the first night to answer any questions and ensure that you are cleaning the building properly. You can also request additional help or training at any time should you encounter an unusual problem or require specialized training.

Growing Your Business

Your franchise's income potential is determined by how hard you work and how much you wish to grow. It's not unusual for a franchise owner to be earning five to six times his or her initial investment after only a year.

Franchise owners can request additional accounts from Pro Clean USA, acquire their own customers using our proven business development techniques, or provide additional value added services to expand their income potential.

Carpet cleaning and hard surface floor maintenance are two services that have proven particularly strong income enhancements for many of our franchises.

Our goal is to help you in whatever way we can to ensure long-term success of your franchise.

Building a Solution for Your Future

If you're sincere about finding an opportunity to earn some additional income by operating your own small business, you owe it to yourself to consider a Pro Clean USA franchise. 

Our system, our approach and our potential are unmatched in the commercial cleaning industry.

As a Pro Clean USA franchise owner, you'll be part of one of the fastest growing businesses in America. You'll have a steady source of income, strong training, administrative and marketing support, and an opportunity to work with people who genuinely care about your success.

What We Expect

Pro Clean USA's reputation for quality is built on consistency and reliability. Customers may have had less than positive previous experiences with other firms that missed regularly scheduled services, did a poor job of cleaning, or were rude or unresponsive.

They expect better service from us... and we deliver!

We teach our franchise owners the Pro Clean USA approach to commercial cleaning, an approach that is efficient, thorough and professional. We encourage them to use our recommended equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure that customers have clean, sanitary and appealing facilities.

Most important, our franchise owners understand the importance of meeting customer expectations and maintaining strong relationships with their clients and their suppliers. They always show up, are pleasant and efficient, and even plan ahead for unexpected changes caused by illness, emergencies, or client needs.

Getting Started

Not everyone is qualified to become a Pro Clean USA Master Franchise owner. We partner only with those individuals who share our passion for outstanding customer service and who are sincere in their desire to succeed.

Our Master Franchise owners come from all backgrounds and professions.

During an initial "get acquainted" meeting, we will ask you about your work background, your goals and aspirations, and your financial capacity. We'll also give you the opportunity to learn more about Pro Clean USA and how we work with our Master Franchise owners. Together, we'll decide if a Pro Clean USA franchise makes sense for you.

What level should you start at?

Your initial franchise fee can be as low as $75,000.00 up to $350,000.00 Depending on the population, region and locations purchased.

Pro Clean USA will even work with you to finance some of these investments, depending on your situation.

With Pro Clean USA, the potential for income and growth is virtually unlimited!

We supply everything you will need to succeed, from national marketing campaigns to comprehensive training and ongoing administrative and marketing support. Your success depends entirely on your commitment to work hard and provide outstanding customer service.

Pro Clean USA Master franchise owners have earned a reputation for delivering the finest quality work and customer service in the cleaning industry. We retain our customer accounts many times longer than the industry average, because we take the time to learn what customers expect and then do our best to exceed those expectations. You determine how fast and how big you want your business to grow. We'll do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals.

If you're ready to explore a business opportunity with the kind of potential you've always dreamed about, we're ready to help you succeed.

Unlimited Opportunity

It's important to find the right business opportunity that fits your interests, your personality and your goals. With our Master Franchise program, you will have multiple revenue streams with unlimited potential.

The commercial cleaning industry offers virtually unlimited opportunities for you to run your own successful Master Franchise.

This $100 billion industry is one of the fastest growing in the United States.

Commercial buildings always need to be cleaned, regardless of the season, the weather or the latest economic conditions. That means you'll always have a steady source of business, with the potential to expand to serve more customers whenever you're ready.

Pro Clean USA Master Franchise owners serve a wide range of commercial accounts, from small stores to multilevel office buildings, industrial plants to car dealerships, medical facilities to daycare centers.

With so many prospective customers, your earnings have the potential to grow as fast as you would like.

Partners in Your Success

As a Pro Clean USA Master Franchise owner, you will be part of a growing family of dedicated business people who share a commitment to be the best. Your support team at Pro Clean USA will work with you to help get your business started and provide all of the support you need as your business grows.

Our commitment to you includes:

  • Orientation and training for all new Master Franchise owners covering proper procedures and methods of professional cleaning, as well as basic business management techniques, sales, marketing, unit franchise sale and management.
  • A guaranteed customer base that ensures you an immediate and ongoing source of income.
  • Ongoing administrative, marketing and accounting support, sales, and book-keeping, so you can focus on your daily operations.
  • Pre-arranged credit lines and pre-negotiated pricing at supply houses to help maximize your profit potential.
  • Periodic customer service inspections and reviews to help you ensure that you maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Affordable pricing on insurance and surety bonds.
  • Use of the Pro Clean USA regional facilities and staff for your mailing address, answering service, proposal preparation and meeting/interviewing space.
  • Optional financing on your franchise fee.
  • Professional consultation from our business and cleaning professionals whenever you need some advice or encouragement.
  • Pro Clean USA set the standard providing Eco-Friendly Services. Our innovative Pro Clean USA Green Clean line of environmentally responsible products ensures a healthy and clean environment. Our proprietary products, services and processes reinforces our commitment to leading the industry in environmental stewardship.

Multiple revenue streams, Unlimited Growth potential.

Multi-Billion Dollar Industry.

We'll do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals.

Give us a call today and discover for yourself why owing a Pro Clean USA franchise is the right career move for you.